In-Office Counseling & Therapy in Galveston TX

Traditional In Office Counseling

Located at 305 21st Street # 254 Galveston Texas.

Cost: $80 per 55 min session

Tele-Health (Online Therapy)

Video – using a secure video messaging platform such as Skype, therapeutic services are available from the comfort of your own home or office. Billable through insurance or cash pay.

Cost: $65 per 30-minute session

Text Based Therapy

Using a free secure messaging app, send and receive messages on a daily basis processing and helping you through what ever issues you are facing; all from the convenience of where ever you are. Most clients report that text based therapy moves a bit quicker than face to face therapy, is more direct in its approach, and its more convenient with real time responses.

Cost: $85 monthly subscription (subscription automatically renews unless given 3 days advance notice of cancelation via email) 

Emotional Support Animal Assessment and Letter

30 minute videos session to evaluate your need for an emotional support animal. If approved, you will receive a letter stating that you are working with a licensed professional mental health counselor and I have personally assessed and you meet the requirements to have an Emotional Support Animal (as under the fair housing act) in your place dwelling or plane during travel. You will be able to state that you have met with me personally rather than just taking an online assessment. Many apartment management companies are asking for documentation that you have actually spoken with a licensed professional.

Cost: $110 for session/evaluation and letter.

Mental Status Exam/Letter

Purpose of a mental status exam is to assess that you are mentally stable and are capable of making medical decisions such as gender reassignment surgery. Assessment requires 2/30 minute assessments that must be done in person or via video.

Cost: $140